Samstag, 26. März 2016

Tangle-Mosaik-Projekt by Lonetta

Hello together,

Annette started a great project at her blog: the Tangle-Mosaic-Project. She created a string that everyone who wants to take part can tangle with patterns he likes and Annette created a mosaic with this tiles.
The results from the first project you can see here.
My tiles for this project are these:

Annette made two great variations of a mosaic with my tiles. 

The Tangle-Mosaic-Project #2 is now to find here and you can still submit your tile by 30th March 2016.

I created two tiles. With the first I was not satisfied so I started a second with the patterns Tipple, Fescu, Shattuck, Henna Drums and Crescent Moon.

After finishing this I decided to give the first tile a second try and also finished it. It's not so good like the other one I find but I used my new patterns Flaura and Loopy Blossom for it. I also used Knightsbridge and Flux.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments.



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