Samstag, 26. November 2016

IAST, a tangled water can and the Diva

Hello together,

The challenge this week at Adele's It's a String Thing #172 includes a wonderful string and the tangles Cubine, Ennies and Fescu that are all familiar to me. I like all three patterns very much and had a lot of ideas how to arrange the patterns on my tile. I decided to draw two of it.

I also tangled the Christmas present for my grandma. She wanted to have a new water can and I bought a blank white one and tangled on it.

For the Diva Challenge #295 Laura asked us again to use reticula and fragments for our tiles. This is mine.

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Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

Diva Challenge #294

Hello together,

this week we should use reticula and fragments in the new Diva Challenge. This way to tangle was introduced by Rick and Maria in their book "Zentangle PRIMER Vol. 1" and has endless possibilities and very interesting results.
I drew my fragment on the back of my tile.

For my tile I tried different arrangements of the fragments and this is the result.

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Samstag, 12. November 2016

the last months

Hello together,

the last months I only had few time to tangle because of work and other creative projects. So for example I started learning to sew.
Here my first projects:

I also draw some other things like colouring pages for my children but also a few Zentangle tiles:

In memory of our grandma Janni:

Just for fun:







For Lonettas 5. Tangle-Mosaic-Project:

And this is the mosaic that Lonetta create with my tiles: 

And today my entry for Adele's It's a String Thing #170 "Simplicity":

Where is the simplicity?

The second try!

That's it for today.
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