Freitag, 18. März 2016

mail from USA & IAST

Hello together,

last week I got mail from the USA two times. I am from Germany so this is a great thing for me. The first was an envelope I was still waiting for for 8 weeks.  It was from Adele Bruno. In January I tangled the "tile of honors" for It's a String Thing #127 (see my post here). For this she send me a "certificate" I am very proud of.

The second envelope was the new book by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the "Zentangle PRIMER Vol.  1". I was sooooo happy when I had this book in my hands. 

And there was another great moment when I read the new challenge for this week's It's a String Thing . March, 14th was Pi-Day and Adele based the challenge on this. You must know I am a great fan of Pi. It's my so called favorite number so I absolutely had to do this challenge. 
When I learned about Pi in class 8 at school I was immediately fascinated by it and learned 200 digits after the comma by heart. That could sound a bit crazy to some people but I found it great. Meantime I don't know 200 but still 35 digits by heart. That's why I really wanted to do this challenge and tried to do well. 

After taking this photo I further had an idea. I wrote the digits of Pi as a frame around the tile. I didn't know all this digits by heart but I always have a sheet of paper with about 2500 digits in my purse (another crazy thing of mine).

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments. 




  1. Hallo Tina,
    das kann ich sehr gut verstehen, dass du dich über die Post gefreut hast! Herzlichen Glückwunsch nochmal zu deinem Gewinn bei Adele, auch wenn es schon ein wenig her ist :-) Und das Buch ist sicherlich superschön!
    Deine Pi-Kacheln gefallen mir sehr gut, tolle Kombination der Muster und Kontrast und Schattierung sind dir super gelungen!
    Liebe Grüße,