Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

Zendala Dare #106

Hallo zusammen,

diese Woche gab es bei Erin Olson wieder eine tolle Zendala - Vorlage zu betangeln. Ich habe die Muster Gra-vee, Auraknot, Printemps, Shattuck und Cadent verwendet. Hier seht ihr meine Version ohne und mit Schattierung.

Hello all together, 

this week Erin Olson gives us a new great zendala template to tangle.I used the patterns Gra-vee, Auraknot, Printemps, Shattuck and Cadent. Here you can see my version without and with shading.

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  1. Wow, this is lovely and the shading is done very well!!! Like always, is good to see the difference between before and after shading!

  2. Now, this is just amazing. It doesn't even look round anymore, but of course it is. Wonderful!

  3. Lovely! You've done a masterful job of using the string of the zendala, but changing the feel and flow of it! Nicely done!

  4. Thanks for all your lovely words. I'm really happy about the first three comments on my blog and hope there will follow many many more.

  5. Very nice use of Gra-vee. That is one I have yet to try, but it looks great here. Nice job!

  6. Der Kommentar wurde von einem Blog-Administrator entfernt.

    1. Oh sorry Erin. I was so happy about your comment. Thanks for the nice words. But I clicked the wrong button and by mistake I removed your comment.

  7. Liebe Tina,
    das sieht ja toll aus! Die Grundform des Zendala ist erst auf den zweiten Blick erkennbar, ich finde die Komposition total Klasse!!